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When did you last have a Facial?

Investing in your skin will be one of the best investments you make in your life!

It's not only about your skin its about YOU too.

Why do we feel guilty for spending time and money on ourselves? Women suffer this guilt of I could spend that money on my home, children etc but surely a happy and confident women is beneficial for herself and family. It is important to feel confident in the skin that you are in. Elegance this month has launched our 'Lunch Time Facial' we've designed a treatment that will give you results in 30 minutes that is kind on your time schedule and beneficial to your pocket..

Sonic Skin Resurfacer Facial by Elemis Biotec is a game changer! Why? Because the ultra sonic peel that vibrates at 27000 per second will instantly remove dead skin cells resulting in a much brighter and instantly smooth complexion, combined with light therapy the blue light will kill any bacteria on your skin which will prevent any breakouts and the red light will help to boost collagen production.

Delivered in just 30 minutes this facial will prove even if time is of the essence you have no excuses!

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